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November month-in-review

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November was fairly uneventful…lots of growing up and more *real* talking from Max and Wes.  Just when I was starting to worry, November started a massive word explosion with Wes, and I think Max is right behind him.  I’m not one (nor do I really have the time) to count how many words Wes is saying right now, but I will say that as much as I hate admitting it, I totally think that watching Yo Gabba Gabba (their favorite cartoon, along with Sesame Street) is helping their vocabulary/manners/overall behavior.  Without prompting, Wes now says “please” (“peesh”), “thank you” (“anck ooh”), “you’re welcome” (“elle come”), and “excuse me” (which is the CUTEST – “cues me”) all.the.time.  He’s been grouping several words together, forming “sentences” for awhile now, too, which is super exciting.  I know I’ll want the sweet sound of silence soon, but for now we’re just really enjoying watching our little guy grow and learn.  Max is right behind him – he still babbles and rambles on and on and on…it’s just completely indecipherable…for now.  I think that this is probably a “normal” thing for twins – one talks a lot at first, while the other one quietly observes.  And that’s Max in a nutshell right now – the quiet observer – always making sure all is right in the world, and always one to figure things out before moving on to the next task at hand.

The one thing I’m really loving right now is just how DIFFERENT Max and Wes are right now.  They are soooo complete opposites, it’s insane.  In looks, in behavior, in temperament, in voice – they are just so insanely different.  But they are also so in synch with each other, and they love each other with wild abandon, and that just makes my heart melt all over the place.  They love to be touching…so much so that we had to split apart their cribs (they used to be side by side) because they were horsing around too much at naptime and bedtime.  They are constantly holding hands, hugging, and giving each other the most adorable little smiles and looks.  They just “get” each other…sometimes more than I think we “get” them.

At our last pediatrician visit, which was incidentally when we found out that Max had a possible shellfish allergy/intolerance, we weighed and measured both of them, and I was floored at the difference between the two of them.  This was about two months ago, and Max was an inch and a half taller than Wes, but he weighed over SIX pounds less than Wes did!  Wes was just over 28 pounds, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Wes now weighs 30+ pounds – he’s a brute!  Max is built so slender – he has the longest legs and arms, and the most delicate little neck (supporting his giant melon head, LOL)…and you can see his ribcage through his back.  It’s definitely just the luck of the draw, because both Max and Wes eat.  A lot.  We’re very fortunate that they will pretty much eat anything we put in front of them, whether it’s paella (oops, this is where we discovered the shellfish thing, photo to follow), or brussels sprouts, or black olives (YUCK).  I’m terrified of what our grocery bill is going to look like in a few years, or worse yet, when they are in high school!

Max is very quiet.  Very astute and aware.  Very serious.  He will literally take a new toy that he doesn’t understand or know, and he will sit down with it, and quietly figure it out, whether it takes a few minutes, or a half hour.  It’s insane.  I’ve never seen a more serious 22 month old in my life.  And Wes is so different in this regard.  He’s loud.  And inquisitive.  And silly.  The kid makes more funny faces than I could ever come up with.  He likes to run up to me and poke me in the leg, and then when I look down there is always a new funny face to mimic.  He looooooves when I copy his funny face, and he laughs the deepest, most genuine laugh you have ever heard.  If he found a toy that he couldn’t figure out in a few seconds, he would simply toss it aside for another one.  He doesn’t have the time to figure stuff like that out.

Max has the most sweet, most subtle, most quiet little voice.  When he “talks”, sometimes it’s barely above a whisper, and it’s a little high-pitched, and very smooth, if that makes sense.  Wes has a loud voice (gee, wonder where he gets that), but it’s also very sweet.  He has the most adorable little lisp – he calls our nanny “Jesthiee” (Jessie) and calls cheese “cheethhh”.  He is very matter-of-fact when he talks, but I think that’s just because he talks all the time, so he really thinks he knows what he’s talking about, LOL!  The one thing that I love – that both boys say – is “seriously”.  It used to be “see-ish-lee”, and now it’s more of a lispy sounding, more flowy word “see-isss-lee”.  Either way, so freaking CUTE!

We spent Thanksgiving at our house this year – my aunt Jan, sister Kristy, and Mom and Dad were all at the house.  I was actually sick, which sucked, but I was glad that my family could spend that time together, and I always love seeing my parents with their grandsons – they love them so much.  Jeff was working nights at the time (long story, thank GOD we don’t have to deal with that anymore), which also sucked, so Kristy and I dropped off Thanksgiving dinner, complete with Mom’s famous apple pie, at his office on Thursday night, just before heading out to a chick flick.  We were worried/sad that Jeff wouldn’t be around for Christmas night either, but thankfully he was offered a new job with a new company at the beginning of December, and he started on December 21st.  He is now a Systems Engineer with United Dominion Realty, and so far he is absolutely loving it.  It was just the change we needed to get our family dynamic back on track, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s a great company, he has better hours, and makes more money.  We have so much to be thankful for this year. 

We also spent a lot of time outside with family and friends in November, thanks to the super mild weather we’ve been (and are still) having.  We live right down the street from a great park, so we’ve spent lots of time playing and running there – and we’ve been taking advantage of our zoo membership, which we don’t often get to do in the late fall/early winter months.  It’s been so much fun! 

Max's shellfish reaction (we had paella)

November started with this goose egg...ouchie

Tell me Wes doesn't have the pouty look down

Fun in the tub with a little creative hiding of the privates

Wes and I exchanging funny faces

Post-tubby hug

Fun at the zoo

"Look mom, I don't even need a coat!"

Wes was just a *little* apprehensive about the carousel

Asher was teaching Max how to be a big boy

Yes, we totally got suckered into buying the boys Yo Gabba Gabba Vans

My Daddy pushing the boys to the park

My Mommy helping Wes up the stairs to the slides

My cute little tiger

LOVE this photo of our kiddos with my parents

One of these days I’ll be caught up with this thing!

January 9th, 2011

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  1. Kelley Says:

    I am glad the boys are doing so well! 🙂 what cuties!

    Roman will be 2 next month (a week after Max and Wes.) Doesn’t time fly?! And Melaina is 7 months already!

    Looking forward to more updates!

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