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Playing catch up

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Boy, when people tell you children are going to change your life you never really know just how much life really is going to change until you’re in the thick of it.  Now that Max and Wes are fully mobile and keeping us on our toes for all of their waking hours, there just hasn’t been free time to blog.  In fact, I have no idea where on earth busy moms and dads find the time to blog every day…I think I need some of their help with time management (suggestions welcome)!  I’ve really been struggling with making a decision to either continue our blog (and post when I can), or just thank everyone for their support and shut it down (so to speak).  I’ve grown so much in the last couple of years – as a friend, a wife, a mother, and a contributing member of society in general.  I think that I still have a lot to say about life that may benefit our friends and family…or total strangers for that matter, with regards to juggling everything going on in our lives.  I also want to appease our adoring public (umm yeah, basically my parents, great-aunt Ruthie, and a few friends who still check in every once and a while), so I figured, “why not keep going?”.  So here it goes:

Since I last blogged in early August, we celebrated Max & Wes’s Conception-a-versary (on August 4th).  So, as tradition will continue for years to come, I’ll share the last three years on that very date.  To say our lives have changed for the better is a massive understatement.  Who would have thought that a little bit of science and a whole lotta hope would result in two of the coolest little people we know?

August 4, 2008

August 4, 2009

August 4, 2010

And another one where Max doesn't look so grumps

In late August, the night before our 7th wedding anniversary, we celebrated the engagement of Jeff’s BFF, Josh, and his gorgeous girlfriend, Peyton.  My parents came out to watch their grandsons for the night so we could go to their engagement party (and after-party downtown).  We couldn’t be happier for our friends, and cannot WAIT for their upcoming nuptials in MEXICO in February 2012!!!

The happy couple and P's friend, Kalli

Just a FYI - there was alcohol involved in this photo

The Besties

My beautiful sis and I

September brought not only a slight change of climate (and fall crispness to the air – love it), but my Grampy to the Mile High City.  He hadn’t seen his great-grandsons since Christmas 2009, so needless to say he was very surprised at how much they have changed.  He told me over and over and over how wonderful a mother I am, and how great Jeff and I were with the boys – I was beaming the whole weekend.  It means so much to me when he comes to visit, as he’s my only living grandparent, and we just can’t wait to see him again (hopefully soon)!

Grampy with M&W

LOVE this photo of Grampy and Wes

Yes, our kids wear Crocs...big whoop

Brotherly love

Big Dub and Aunt Kristy

Max, always fearless, running after the geese

Grampy and my mommy

We had the Swedish Hospital NICU reunion on September 11th, the same day my Mom celebrated her 63rd birthday.  It was so great to see all of the nurses we don’t see on a weekly basis (at our weekly NICU support group meetings), and Max and Wes enjoyed playing with all of their old “roommates”.

How cool is this? An incubator for the ambulance - I'd never seen that before!

Us with the boys' daytime primary care nurse, Debbie - we heart her

Debbie with Max, Mandie with Wes

Running down the halls of the hospital wore all three of them out!

The night of the reunion, I had a girl’s night out with 3 of our friends we met through the NICU, complete with dinner, (lots of) drinks, and a night in a downtown hotel.  Fellow twin mamas Meghan and Heather, and triplet mama, Staci.  It was so.much.fun – but boy, I sure can’t party like I used to!  I’ll spare you the incriminating photos, and just show you this one…

Me with Heather, Staci, and Meghan

We celebrated Jeff’s 32nd birthday on September 16th by taking a photo of him and the boys…

"Happy birthday, daddy!"

The weekend after Jeff’s birthday, my Mom came back to the city – this time with my Dad, who hadn’t seen Max and Wes since right after they started walking.  He was also floored at how much they’ve changed, and how much fun they were.  We took advantage of the beautiful weekend to explore the Denver Botanic Garden’s Mordecai Children’s Gardens for the first time (and second time – we went both Saturday AND Sunday!), and the boys loved it so much that we are now members!


Reflecting in the reflection pond at the Botanic Gardens

Our little family

Like grandfather, like grandson

Grammy and Wes building with cut up tree trunks (genius, by the way)

Max jumping to Daddy


I think Max must've run up and down this "bridge" 100 times

Max & Wes exploring the tunnels

The stream - the boys loved this!

Splish splashin' around

Wes taking it all in

Taking a snack break with grammy and grampy

Two of my favorite dudes

And there we have it.  August and September wrapped up in a few words and a few more photos.  I’ll be back soon to recap October and November thus far, and talk more about my new passion for baking, trying out new recipes for Max and Wes, and my big trip to New York City to raise awareness for prematurity and RSV.

Until then, it’s good to be “back”.

November 6th, 2010

8 Responses to “Playing catch up”

  1. Beth Moore Says:

    It’s about dang time!! =) But, in all seriousness, I am really glad you decided to continue to update your blog. I know there are a lot of people who will really enjoy hearing about all of your experiences, including me!

  2. Becky Says:

    I always check now and then to see if you slipped one in!

  3. Cathy Says:

    I’m sure there’s some smart-ass comment about Moms of Multiples needing a good alcohol buzz on occasion (a sentiment I’m starting to share!) I forgot what it was, though, because of the sweet pictures of the boys with your Grandpa. 🙂

    As for how I have time to blog (well, not that I do that often anymore), I have 3 words for you: Thomas the Train. He has loved that train set for years. Now it involves all sorts of narration, plot twists, natural disasters, and “Oh, no! Help!” (I have since learned that last comment is “just pretend, Mommy!”)

  4. Sock Says:

    Hooray she’s back!! Very nice update. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Heather Says:

    Loved the recap, Kerry – thanks for sharing all of the fun you’ve had the last few months. Take care and keep in touch! 🙂

  6. Steph Says:

    Yay!! I’m glad you are keeping your blog going, I think you have a ton of great things to say and I love seeing pics of the boys. Take care!

  7. Auntie Barb Says:

    I agree with all the comments. Please keep on bolging. I don’t want to lose touch with the great Mastera family.

  8. Stacy Says:

    YAY! Glad to see you back. So glad to see Max & Wes and all their awesome cuteness. BTW – you look fantastic!

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