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Blogging for Preemies

Published by Jeff and Kerry | Filed under Uncategorized

According to the March of Dimes report on premature births, nearly 13 million babies worldwide are born prematurely each year. This means about 9.6 percent of all babies born experience a preterm birth – one in eight babies. One in eight. Half a million of these premature births are in the United States. More than one million premature babies die each year, and those who are lucky enough to survive often face serious health challenges and risk lifelong disabilities.

Premature birth is the number one killer of newborns.

On Tuesday, November 17th, you can show your support for March of Dimes Fight for Preemies by blogging about a baby you love, or blogging about prematurity to help raise awareness about premature births. The Fight for Preemies is being organized by Bloggers Unite and the March of Dimes to raise awareness of the crisis of premature birth. Bloggers are invited to get involved by spreading the word about the Fight for Preemies and to post a blog on November 17th (remember that November is Prematurity Awareness Month). We invite and encourage everyone who reads our blog to either blog about a preemie today, or leave a comment in this post on how you’ve been touched by a preemie, whether it’s Max and Wes, or another precious baby (or babies).

November 17th, 2010

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