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Back in the land of the living

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Being sick is never fun.  Being sick in the summer is REALLY never fun.  Last Sunday, a mere two days after our little boy had surgery, I got “the mother of all summer colds” (that would be how my doctor matter-of-factly described it).  I started off with a sore throat, which spread into a horrendous head cold, complete with an alternating stuffy/runny nose, and then came the cough.  The cough where I sounded like a 3 pack-a-day smoker (which eventually meant I had no voice for two days).  It is now 6 days later, and I’m finally starting to feel normal.  I’m definitely not 100%, or really even close, but at least I feel like I’m back in the land of the living! 

Max continued to be a rockstar in his recovery, as we alternated Tylenol and Motrin every four hours for the first 72 hours.  The bandage and gauze that was wrapped around his penis was supposed to start falling off at around 2-4 days post-op, but Max was impatient and wanted it off now, so he promptly just pulled it off in the bathtub the day after his surgery.  About a minute of full-on screaming hysterics and utter confusion (“why is my weenie so red and swollen and…OUCHIEEEEEEEEE!!!!?!?!”), he was totally fine again.  Splashing around in the water, and laughing at the bubbles I was blowing for him.  And now, a little over a week after surgery, his penis looks great – the swelling, bruising, and redness has gone away, and the tiny little incision that Dr. Furness had to make (to “sculpt” his new weenie) is almost healed up.  We go back for a checkup in another 5 weeks, and by then Max will have joined (the Dr. F coined group) “The Perfect Penis Club”.  YAY for perfect penises!!!  LOL!

In other news, we just celebrated our one-year anniversary of having our (part-time) nanny, Jessie, with us – and our other (part-time) nanny, Hailey, gave her notice that she’s leaving us to finish up her degree.  Bittersweet, on both counts.  When Jessie started with us, Jeff was just finishing up his 12 week stint as a stay-at-home daddy, and boy were we nervous to have someone we didn’t know watching our tiny little boys.  Max and Wes were only 5 months old when she started, and they were just starting to roll over and coo.  Flash-forward to now, where they are babbling, running around, and screaming at the top of their lungs (because they like the way it sounds) – quite a change!  We love Jessie so much, and the boys do too – and we are very thankful that she’s still with us.  =)  Although Hailey was only with us for 7 months, she also experienced a lot of changes with M&W.  She got to see their first birthday, and help them take their first steps.  Just this week, Max and Wes finally proved to her that they dotalk (sometimes), and on the way home from the park, they alternated singing, “duuuuucccccccckkkk – iiieeeeeeee” (ducky) to her.  We’ll sure miss having Hailey and her furry compadre, Arthur (adorable black Cocker Spaniel who the boys and Rex looooove), with us, but we’re very excited for the changes that are about to happen in our lives.

Jeff applied for a new position with his company that we’re both pretty certain he will get, and it will be a HUGE change.  He will be working Monday through Thursday – overnight –  and will be caring for the boys during the day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Friday.  We are keeping Jessie, and she’ll be here on Tues/Thurs/every other Fri, so Jeff will be able to catch up a little bit on sleep.  I am also hoping to switch to 10 hour days soon, and will put a bid in to either have Mondays or Wednesdays off so that I can care for Max and Wes, while Jeff sleeps.  This whole new “plan” is going to be a challenge for our family, but I hope it will ultimately be a good thing for us, as we will be saving quite a bit of money (and maybe actually PUTTING some money back in savings).  Wish us luck!

I’ll leave you now with some photos I’ve taken in the last week, or so…

The boys getting sleepy with daddy

Max has really taken to biting these days - here he is trying to bite his own foot

Poor Wes is often a target...look closely

One day Wes *will* realize that he's bigger - a lot bigger - than his brother

Take a wild guess at what Wes is doing here? =P

Max with a silly daddy

A cute little bottom...

...and a cute little face to boot!

Max and I played in the park during swim class (he can't be *in* chlorine for another week)

(trying to avoid stepping in goose poo)

park + swim = two tired little boys

July 31st, 2010

2 Responses to “Back in the land of the living”

  1. Sock Says:

    It’s amazing to see them up and walking…gosh, they’re growing up!!

    Good luck with the schedule changes. This old night nurse can tell you that the overnight shift can be a challenge. I hope Jeff does well with it.

  2. Michelle Waring Says:

    Your boys are so adorable! My twin boys just turned 2, and those bite marks look so familiar! My son Jack is a biter, and Benjamin has not learned to fight back yet. I hope he does soon, before he is scarred for life! Both of my boys are scheduled to have a surgery on their boy-bits tomorrow, so I am glad to hear it went well for you.

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