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Got twins??? Come in!

Published by Kerry | Filed under Uncategorized

Okay, so I never believed my friend (and fellow MoM) when she laughed at the fact that I thought I was going to get away with only buying one or two strollers for the boys.  Ann, you were right.  =)  We are looking for another stroller in addition to our Double Snap and Go (which we will be getting rid of shortly as the boys are thisclose to outgrowing their infant car seats) and our Zooper Tango (which we LOVE, but it’s GINORMOUS, and seriously barely fits in our trunk).  I was thinking of either a tandem that folds up fairly flat or a double umbrella stroller (I think they almost always fold up pretty flat), and I just have no clue, nor do I have time to plow through the gazillions of reviews online for every double stroller out there.  So I’m calling on fellow MoM’s (or DoM’s for that matter) for help.  What should we look at, and what should we be avoiding?  What do you like (or dislike) about your double stroller?  I should also add that we plan on (at some time) getting two single umbrella strollers, for times when we want to take the boys separately, etc…

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January 3rd, 2010

10 Responses to “Got twins??? Come in!”

  1. pam Says:

    i highly recommend the combi twin sport. relatively compact, folds up relatively small, comfy for the kids, easy to steer with one hand, not too expensive.

  2. Cathy Says:

    I don’t know about double strollers, but I love having a Maclaren-type stroller. It’s pretty much all I used once I got it. It’s so small and not only folds up, it folds in, so it’s smaller in the car. Good luck on the search!

  3. Donna Says:

    Here’s a frugal nana’s advice. Whatever you decide on don’t forget to look on Craig’s list. I bought a stroller for a family in our school with twins and paid $50. It was like brand new…the family that sold it was going back to Europe and couldn’t take it.

    Nana Sulzman

    PS Love watching the boys grow on facebook. It brings back wonderful memories (and some not so wonderful) of our twins. People that don’t have multiples don’t know what they’re missing.

  4. Ann Says:

    Kerry, you are too cute! 😉 My favorite stroller for Noah and Zach is the one I bought 2 years ago, the Combi Twin Savvy. It’s super light, folds in half horizontally and then in half again vertically, and has a shoulder strap so that you can throw it over your shoulder. We use it all the time when we travel. I can bring it to the next ESCC if you want to take a look at it. You might also want to ask this question on the Multiples Board of The Nest. Oh, are you running your dishwasher more than once a week? :::wink wink:::

  5. Kerry Says:


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I forgot about that one Ann! :::hanging head in shame::: Yes, we most definitely run our dishwasher more than once a week. HA! I would say at *least* every other day, especially since I make all of the boys’ food. =P Smartass!

  6. Rheana Says:

    We have the high-end Sit N Stand, and I am not really a fan. It does have two seats (the rear one can eventually be removed so you can use the sit/stand platform). It’s heavy, bulky and not terribly easy to steer. My dream double is one of the Baby Jogger City doubles (Select/Elite/Mini). You can see one at the REI downtown to play with. Also if you check out their website they have a new double that sits on a single frame and has about a bajillion different configuration options. On the Baby Bargains boards, the BJ strollers are by far the most loved and recommended.

  7. Kelley Says:

    I am so glad you asked this…I don’t have twins, but my son and daughter will be 15 months apart so we are looking at a double stroller for the future.

    I TOTALLY LOVE my Bugaboo Frog that was a baby shower gift from my mom and am going to keep it for individual trips with my son or the baby (he can sit in it or I can use the bassinett for the baby.) But it is big and they don’t make a double yet…only a stand for the older child to stand on and it seems to not be the greatest.

    I looked into the Maclauren double and it seemed to get good reviews. I think it is about $250-$300.

  8. Becky Says:

    I just looked at the new City Select, mentioned above, which does look cool. If that existed last summer, it may have made sense to just get that. It is like the double snap n go and a jogger all in one- and it doesn’t look that heavy. I like that you can have them both face you, face out, or face each other. The stroller alone is $500 but then you have to buy the separate seat to make it a double and all those accessories, so maybe it is not worth it.

    We ended up with three. We have the double snap n go, which has been awesome. It got terrible reviews but I have no idea why. It has been a life saver. We splurged and got the Valco Trimode Twin, which we LOVE. It is the best stroller ever, but it is a PITA to get in and out of the car and it takes up my whole trunk. The wheels are big and bulky, and it is meant to be able to go off roads on trails, as well as in malls or around the block. It can be a jogger, too… like I am going to jog! The kids love it, it is super comfortable for them and has lots of bells and whistles like a rain cover and sun shield.
    Each seat reclines separately, which is key for when one is sleep and one is less so. It also hold up to 50 lbs on each seat, so we are hoping this will be the only hunky stroller we ever need… which is good because it cost almost $700. Sheesh! But wherever we take it, people literally stop us on the street and ask about it. It is a really beautiful piece of gear.

    We just got our third and final (I hope!) stroller for Chanukah from my MIL. We got the Chicco Trevi Twin. My parents bought one for themselves for when we visit them, too. It is pretty light when folded and is umbrella style, although, it’s not going to collapse as small as any single. It looks comfy enough, is easy to steer, fold, and reopen. This will be for when our snap n go is a no go, which will be down the road a bit. I really like it and it is about $100 cheaper than the MacClaren. I think it is $170 or so, but you may be able to find it cheaper online. It also allows the seats to recline separately. The only draw back is the canopies kind of suck. They don’t go down as far as I would like and if it is raining, it really only covers their heads. You would need a separate rain shield.

    Happy Hunting!

  9. Amber Says:

    If you are going to buy seperate umbrella strollers, you can try stroller connectors, than you can use the stroller together or separate in the same outing. Here’s the link http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2396433#showReviews on the BRU website. I used them and thought they where great! They are also inexpensive!

  10. Catherine Says:

    Funny you’re posting this, because I was looking at your aquarium pictures with TOTAL stroller envy… Our boys are also quickly outgrowing their DSNG (tear), and we’re looking. We have the Joovy Groove double: http://www.joovy.com/pages/pd_groove2.php
    Eh, don’t love it, don’t hate it. It’s kind of a PITA to fold until you get the hang of it. But we used the SNG so often that the few times we used this at first I could never remember how to fold the damn thing up. BUT, it folds up pretty compact (no problem putting it in the trunk of our Altima). I hate that it has 2 small baskets underneath instead of one large – it doesn’t hold our diaper bag – HUGE bummer. I also despise the color. We ordered the green one online, and it’s nearly neon. Still, I like that it’s so compact, and it’s easy to maneuver. It’ll do… until we have a few extra hundred dollars to get something else!

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